10 November 2017 19:00

iOS Release Delay

Regarding the delay of the iOS Releases:

Hello again all, it's been a few weeks since the first update about the delay in Cinderella TV's release to iOS, so how about another update and some more detailed information?

Okay so, what's the issue, anyway?

The issue is recent changes to Apple's App Store guidelines, which are meant to crack down on spam apps, but have been causing problems for legitimate apps that differ only in content from a counterpart app. Like, say, a version of a game with English content when there's already a version of the same game with Japanese content.

So are you still working on it?

Definitely! We're still moving forward with the iOS release, but it will likely be a few months, at least, since we will have to make changes to more than just content to meet the stricter guidelines.

We will update you again when we have concrete information, and we're very grateful for your interest and your continued patience.

I signed up for the Early-Sign-Up present, will I still be able to use my serial code?

Certainly, you will. We will restore the purple button to the home page after the iOS release, to make sure no one who signed up misses out on getting their red gown.

Sorry again for the delays, we hope you're having fun, and keep your eyes out for the True Love's Kiss Gacha and more, later this month!